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Most people at some point in their lives will probably have played the game of bingo using printed cards which contain a variety of different numbers. It is important to note that bingo is currently a very popular social and leisure activity. Millions of people all over the world play bingo and it is popular with seniors and church groups as well as younger people.

However one thing that most people may not have thought about are adaptions of the game of bingo which are now becoming very popular both as an educational tool (in colleges, schools, universities as well as corporate training environments). Adapted versions of the game of bingo involve using bingo cards which contain certain words or phrases, instead of using numbers. The words or phrases will be chosen to suit the theme of the game. For example, a Country names bingo game would be played using words such as “Germany” or “United Kingdom”. A 4th of July bingo game would be played using words such as “Independence” or “Constitution” and an educational bingo game could be played using multiplication sums or addition sums.

It is important to point out that it used to be very difficult to actually obtain specially themed bingo cards. In the past you would have to send-off to a certain manufacturer in order to get them and this would often be a time consuming and expensive process.

However today the process has been made easy as you can print bingo cards on virtually any theme you want from your computer at home. There are also websites online which enable you to obtain printable bingo cards on a variety of different topics such famous celebrity names, car makes, countries and US states. If you would like to print bingo cards containing items of your choice then you can purchase an affordable and easy-to-use bingo card generator software in order to do this job.

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Bingo is a simple game and therefore it can easily be played by children. A few modifications is all that is required in order to create a flexible and powerful learning tool. Many teachers are already aware of bingo card generators and have therefore introduced adapted versions of the game into their classrooms. Today bingo is being used to teach a variety of different K-12 school subjects such as foreign languages, math, English and even history and science.

When bingo is used in the classroom then the game is usually played using printed bingo cards with items chosen by the teacher. The game could also be modified to create a vocabulary version of bingo which would contain words or phrases that the teacher wants the students to learn. Usually the teacher will call out the definition of the word and the students will then need to match the definition to the correct word.

The main requirements in order to carry out these educational variants of bingo is a bingo card generator that will then enable the teacher to print out bingo cards in order to give to the students. Fortunately this is easy to achieve as a PC and some bingo card generator software is all you need to get started straight away. 

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